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I play a set of 1970 GRETSCH  KIT  and my name is Tony.

I was born in North London and started playing the drums in the boys brigade when I was 13. I used to play along side Barry Wilson (Procol Harum) as we both came from the same area and practised together. I went on to win the silver drum competition then decided to have music lessons. At 15, I purchased my first set of Broadway drums from Berry’s in Edmonton (24 months to pay).


At sixteen I was playing in my first group called ‘The Sonics’, I stayed with the group in its various changes for 2 years during which time I purchased my first full kit a blue pearl Aristocrat (again over 24 months). I was asked to join a well known group in North London called ‘Jackie and The Senators’, they were a full working group and we were playing all around North London.


A year later I purchased my first Ludwig kit in pink champagne, a stunning kit. The group successfully played for 2 years and then disbanded. I decided to have a rest and the drums went in favour of my first car.

Tony & Richard

I remained friends with John the lead guitarist and out of blue  I was asked to play in Aldershot for a retiring army officer called Richard Glynn who had a bus load of equipment including a lovely set of blue sparkle Trixon drums. That night we came home with a Manager and a shed load of fantastic gear (including the groups wagon) and set about forming a new group.  The Shades Of Sound were born and became a popular and a hard working group. We were playing sometimes 6 times a week and had quite a following. The Shades of Sound finally broke up around the late 1970’s.

shades of sound3

I played on and off for the next twenty odd years but never found that special spark I needed.  Then one morning I woke up and decided I wanted to play again so I set about  the painful road of learning to play again. That was around 5 years ago and now after a gruelling practice period, I now feel I am ready to complete what appears to me as ‘unfinished business’.

My major influences have been Buddy Rich, Joe Morella, Brian Bennett, John Bonham and of course my old mate B. J. Wilson (voted 77th best drummer in the world) and lately I have discovered the brilliant Jay Bellerose.


Equipment: Gretsch Classic Kit (1970)   Jobeky full sized Silver sparkle electric Kit.