I began playing music on the piano from the age of 8, but when the teenage years followed, my interests changed to playing guitar and bass, in the era of punk and New Wave in the late 70s.

I have played in various bands since then, both in Northern Ireland and England, most notably in Belfast (‘Lovers of Outrage and Black Knights’ – both playing punk, ska and 70s pub rock.

I also played in ‘Anubis’ in Marham, Norfolk (playing Indie rock and 90s Britpop) and in Newquay, Cornwall with ‘USUK’ (playing American and British classic rock and pop).
Nearer to home in Henlow Bedfordshire, I played bass in ‘No Relation’ (playing disco, Motown and function band standards); ‘The Warning’ (playing classic and modern rock); ‘Abstract Eye’ (playing late 60s psychedelic rock and early 70s Prog rock) ‘The Synthetix’ (playing 70s Punk and New Wave); ‘The Doors Experience’ (playing Robbie Krieger in The Doors tribute band); ‘The Von Nitros’ (playing 60s garage;, ’White Rabbit’ (playing late 60s psychedelic rock and early 70s Prog rock) and, ‘Popscene!’ (playing 90s Britpop).

I currently play in 3 bands: ‘The RSGs’ – playing classic British Mod and Northern Soul, ‘The Phobias’ – playing original material, based on a 60s garage/surf style, and last but not least, the ‘Iconix’.

I am a musical polymath, liking everything from Beethoven and Mozart to The Ramones and The Clash; from The Beatles and The Monkees to Deep Purple and ELO; from Bob Dylan to Dire Straits. I could go on…….

I am is still rueing the demise of Elvis Presley…